Kitchen table


I am going to show how I customised a table I found in the street (someone actually binned it :-/ crazy).



  1. Sand paper
  2. A table or other furniture
  3. Protection tape
  4. Paint and/or spray paint
  5. Vitrifying varnish

Where to buy?

  • Brico/Gamma (sand paper, protection tape, paint, vitrifying varnish)
  • Montana Shop Bruxelles (spray paint)

Let’s start!



  • Sand it down everywhere (make sure to clean it after)

  • Paint legs and bottom part in a plain color (I did it in white)

  • Leave it dry

  • Protect the painted part with special protection tape

  • Make a plain background for the top of the table

  • Start to customise it as you wish (I used spray paint)

  • Let it dry over night

  • Varnish it completely (with vitrifying varnish because it will insure a strong protection and nice finish)

  • Voilà :-) You have given a new life to your piece


I hope that you have enjoyed this post 😉 Let me know if you have customised some old furniture in the comment box bellow. Have a great day!