Create an abstract painting


Here is a painting tutorial I would like to share with you. Make your own original canvas, no time or experience needed 😉 just follow my guide (images and explanations)


  1. Space outside or in a vented room
  2. Something to protect the area you will be working on
  3. Canvas
  4. Spray paints
  5. Gloves and spray painting mask -> think of your health :-)

Where to buy?

  • Schleiper Louise (canvas, area protection)
  • Montana Shop Bruxelles (spray paint, mask and gloves)


Let’s go and let go!


* Paint the canvas in one color to create the background.

* Leave it dry.

* Make a darker or lighter shade around the canvas by spray painting the sides towards the middle of the canvas.

* Push lightly on the spray paint cap to make small drops of paint and repeat, use different color than background (see result on picture 6)

* Spray paint into a small plastic recipient, leaving you with liquid paint (or just use liquid paint)

* Throw the liquid paint spontaneously on the canvas (repeat in different colors)


I hope you will have fun and that this tutorial was helpful to you :-) Don’t hesitate to give me your comments. Have a great day!