Here is the first DIY that I would like to share with you all. I recently had been asked by one of my dear friends to make this Montessori piece for her lovely baby girl. A little bit about the mobile before getting started:“The Gobbi mobile was created to help the baby develop sight capacities and awareness by focusing on the different shades of colors and different height of each ball”.


mesures mobile


  1. A needle (wide enough for the thread to pass)
  2. 5 different gradient colors of thread
  3. Stick of 30 cm
  4. 5 foam balls of +/- 5 cm of diametre
  5. Spray paint
  6. Your hands 😉

Where to buy?

  • Schleiper Louise (foam balls, stick)
  • Montana Shop Bruxelles (spray paint)
  • Veritas (needle, thread)

Let’s start !


* Paint the stick before starting (leave it dry completely).

* Roll the thread around the ball until it is completely covered.

* Leave a long thread and secure it by passing the needle in the threaded ball.

* Repeat in the 5 colors.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :-) Don’t hesitate to give me your comments. See you next time!