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I’m a graphic designer, art addict and painter raised in Brussels Belgium. I also enjoy updating my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages. I started EmilyTurnerArt.com because over the years I have created and adopted so many different art/creative tips and techniques, I have always shared them with my friends and loved ones, and now the time has come to share them with the world. I am an artist who’s been doing a ton of research, customisation and creating over the last few years. I want to share this great passion with you… I have a lot of fun tips and tricks that I know many of you will enjoy. While I will mostly discuss art and creations on this blog, you might also get glimpses of some of my life main practices such as my sports, my lovely french bulldog, my positive attitude and so on.
So don’t hesitate to check me out, I hope you will enjoy every minute.

Thank you again for your visit!! And may the power of creation be with you :-)